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With expert hands, we handle the complicated with precision.

By truly listening and understanding the ultimate goals of each project, as well as its finest complexities, our expert teams devise customised solutions that deliver powerful results for our customers. We specialise in heavy-lift and oversized cargo handling, full and part vessel chartering, project-related air freight charters and container shipments, project supervision and coordination, cargo loading and discharging supervision, port, road and equipment surveys and feasibility studies. Our extensive knowledge of the breakbulk market allows us to find the right vessels for each of the challenging projects we handle. The large volumes handled by us every year frequently allow us to combine various parcels for different projects on the same vessel. This, in turn, results in very competitive rates for our clients.

Feasibility Studies

With extensive and detailed research, executed by our project logistics specialists, we provide complete and up-to-date feasibility studies for your project. Depending on the stage and scope of your project, we can support you with the following services:

  • Tender support
  • Route surveys and site visit
  • Transportation and lifting studies/drawings
  • Mode of transport research
  • Stowage planning and utilisation / optimisation
  • Design of most efficient and economic solutions
  • Project execution optimisation
  • Equipment and special equipment sourcing
  • Resource planning
  • Risk assessment
  • Specifications and design review – milestone follow up – evaluation
  • Close cooperation with authorities for permits, licenses, etc.
Chartering Desk

Our newly formed Chartering Desk enables us to:

  • Support offices with all kinds of breakbulk inquiries that require (part)-chartering a vessel (firm and budgetary)
  • Centralised knowledge to extend the network of potential suppliers / carriers, and deepen these relationships
  • Centralised buying power to achieve better commercial results: increase chances to secure the business in the first place, increase profit margins and achieve better terms and conditions
  • Limit commercial risk for offices (e.g., contractual loopholes – towards the client and carrier)
  • Provide better visibility of overall performance of different carriers
  • Provide technical input and increased usage of in-house engineer to add value (intake studies, design and fabrication of lifting frames, shipping cradles, packing frames to make cargo stackable, etc.)
Pre & On - Carriage

In close cooperation with our long-term partners, FLS is often the first choice when it comes to heavy, over-sized cargo transportation on land, rail or barging services. With our expertise and proven track record, we ensure safe, reliable and smooth cargo movements at any origin and destination.

With our transportation specialists, we can provide the following additional services for your project:

  • Route surveys
  • Required permits
  • Police escort
  • Cable lifting
  • Signboard cutting
  • Civil works
Sea Freight

We are experts in full and part chartering of breakbulk vessels, special equipment and container freight. Our extensive knowledge and close relationships with all major shipping lines in our industry sector allow us to find the fastest, most reliable and most competitive solution for your individual needs. We carefully analyse the nature of each cargo to match it with the most suitable solution. To date, we have handled more than 6,000,000 revenue tonnes of project cargo under the FLS flag. The large volumes handled by us year by year also allow us to combine various parcels for different projects on the same vessel. This in turn has an economy of scale effect and results in even more competitive rates for our clients.

Air Freight

When time is of the essence you can rely on us. Providing you with full charter as well as time-critical movements by air. Even though air freight is often not the most economic mode of transport, when time matters, our experienced team will provide you with the right solution and value for money. As a close partner to major airlines, we can offer priority-direct connections, as well as fast indirect flights, depending on urgency and needs.

Custom Clearance & Quarantine

We achieve positive results for our clients by legally minimizing duties and taxes. We are able to support you in navigating the customs process: our customs experts understand how to accurately classify goods to ensure that you achieve the maximum savings possible. Close attention to detail, and the time we dedicate, coordinating with all parties involved, set us apart from our competition. We are experts in dealing with the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry’s (DAFF) requirements. As well as being experts and up to date in carrying out the required quarantine procedures, BOI, FTZ, ATA, etc. Our proven track record in setting up procedures that ensure cargo is compliant when it arrives at its destination includes setting up dedicated quarantine areas in countries of origin where cargo can be washed and cleaned – as well as carrying out final inspections before cargoes are shipped.